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Repair and Overhaul of 435m3/hr capacity Shinko SVA250S Ballast pump.

Dismantling the pump in the workshop

After dismantling the pump we noticed pump case corroded pump shaft, bearing bush , gland packing and coupling are damaged. To be able see the actual damage we send the pump to sand blasting.

Sand blasting the pump

Actual damage became visible after sand blasting. Pump wear rings needed to be replaced, pump’s impeller needed to be machined and balanced.

Machining upper case bushing place and Manufacturing of intermediate bearing bushing.

Bushing place machined, bearing bush manufactured and mantled in its place

Manufacturing upper and lower wear rings & 

New Shaft manufacturing

The damaged shaft replaced with new one. OD55x L 520mm AISI 316 shaft manufactured. Damaged Upper and lower wear ring manufactured and replaced

Machining of coupling hole and surface &

Machining impeller and wear ring surface together with shaft

Damaged coupling hole and surface machined. Impeller both surfaces and wearing ring place machined at lathe along with manufactured new shaft. Impeller balanced.

Balancing impeller

Renewing gland packing & Manufacturing Gland &

Mantling the Pump

We replaced the packings, gland and seals.

The pump mantled with using new M20 studs, washer and nuts.

Assembly and leak test the pump in the workshop

After assembly, the pump was tested to 8 bar pressure and no leakage determined.

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