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Repair and Overhaul of 200/135m3/hr capacity PVHB125-50 BV 1505018 Fire and General service pump

Dismantling the pump in the workshop

After dismantling the pump, we noticed the pump case was corroded. Furthermore, pump shaft, bearing, bearing covers and mechanical seal are damaged. To be able sea the actual damage we send the pump to sand blasting.

Sand blasting the pump

Actual damage became visible after sand blasting. Pump case, pump covers and seal cover are damaged. In addition, holes are detected inside the case.

Machining wear ring housing and pump case surface

After sand blasting, wear ring housing and pump case surface machined. New wear ring is manufactured and replaced with old damaged one. New seals covers are manufactured and replaced with damaged ones. Ceramic coating applied inside the damaged pump case and cover plate.

New Shaft manufacturing & Machining impeller and wear ring surface together with shaft

The damaged shaft was replaced with new one. OD65x L 360mm AISI 316 shaft manufactured.

Impeller wear ring surfaced machined along with new manufactured shaft.

Impeller send to the balancing.

Renewing bearing  & Renewing mechanical seal

Damaged 2 bearings are replaced with SKF7311. The damaged mechanical seal is also replaced.

The pump mantled with using new studs, washer and nuts.

Assemble and leak test the pump in the workshop

After assembly the pump tested to 15 bar pressure no leakage determined.

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