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m/v KUMPULA - Tank Cleaning

We have successfully cleaned 5 tanks and removed sludge in 2 days during cargo operation at Iskenderun Yazici Port.

Job Description

1) Opening / closing of man hole hatch of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) - tank

2) Manufacturing of new manhole gasket

3) Cleaning of tank bottom and heating coil of sediment and sludge

4) Disposal

Cleaned tanks;

NO.1 H.F.O. SERV. TANK (43,6 M3)

NO.1 H.F.O. SETT. TANK (33,6 M3)

NO.2 H.F.O. SERV. TANK (41,8 M3)

NO.2 H.F.O. SETT. TANK (41,8 M3)

NO4 H.F.O. TK. (P) (122,1 M3)



During operation proper ventilation done by fans – and proper safe installation of the fans and hand lighting implemented as per safety rules.

After air circulation gas level measured inside of each tank.

Sludge removed from above tanks, stored in big plastic bags and transported to 1 ton tank for disposal.

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