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14cbm Grabs are supplied for Cargo Cranes of HR MARGARETHA

Güncelleme tarihi: 7 Eki 2020

3 pcs 14cbm grabs are manufactured in Turkey (within 7 days) and grabs are supplied to m/v HR MARGARETHA during her D/D period at Desan Shipyard. Supplied grabs are operated with a central cylinder and with own gravity circulation of oil. These grabs are very popular for new generation bulkers, preferred instead of electro hydraulic grabs in order to avoid the cable drum system and grab stabilizer on the crane jib, without any additional electric supply and consumption of fuel by generators. It operates with a battery and a remote control unitwithout any motor, pump, electricity supply, cable drum, stabilizer and etc.    It does not require cable drum system, grab stabilizer on the crane jib It can be attached on to the hook of any kind of crane and the handling of the load can be started.  It can be controlled through remote control unit up a distance of 100 meters.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Working System: By oil circling through cylinder, hydraulic block, selenoid valve, and oil tank which operated by remote control device and powered by 2x12V dry cell battery Openning by remote control device, closing by lifting of crane

Capacity / capacity adjust (for 14cbm)

All kick plates are fitted : 14 cbm (see below drawing as well)

1st kick plate is taken out : 10 cbm

2nd kick plate is taken out : 8 cbm

3rd kick plate is taken out : 6 cbm

4rd kick plate is taken out : 5 cbm

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